Greek Islands

You can not say exactly how many Greek islands. What we do know is that they are divided into groups, or complex of islands, which differ a lot from each other. The Cyclades, the Dodecanese, Northeast Aegean Islands, the Argo-Saronic Islands Sporades and Ionian Islands. In addition to these groups are also added to the islands of Crete and Evia.

Cyclades Islands

This is a complex of 220 islands of which only about 40 are inhabited. The Cyclades are located in the middle of the Aegean Sea, and therefore it is easy access to them from Athens. Their name derives from the Greek word "Kiklos", meaning circle, because this group of islands has a circular formation. Among the Cyclades islands find some of the most popular in Greece, such as Mykonos and Santorini. The famous images of cube-shaped white houses with blue or green windows are mostly found in the Greek islands of this complex.

Dodecanese Islands

The name of this group of islands comes from the Greek word "Dodeca" (which means twelve), as are the twelve major islands of the Dodecanese complex. In total, this complex of islands is composed of about 150 islands, many of which are uninhabited. The Dodecanese are located in the south-east of the Aegean Sea, near Turkey. The ferry connections to these islands are not very frequent and the journey can last a long time, but many can be reached by plane. Not to mention that for the two main and most famous of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes and Kos, many charter flights arrive daily. The influence of domination by the Venetians can be noticed in all the Dodecanese islands, which until 1947 were submitted to the Italian government.

Argo-Saronic Islands

Right next to Athens and Piraeus, you can find a small group of 7 inhabited islands. Argo-Saronic islands are named after the Saronic gulfs and Argos where they are. Extremely close to Athens, not more than 10 minutes by ferry, you can find the island Salamis, and, further south, the island of Spetses. Argo-Saronic islands, some of Spetses and Hydra as they maintained their traditional architecture and their style, prohibiting the transit of vehicles.

Sporades Isalands

In the northern part of the Aegean Sea there is another group of small islands, known as the Sporades. Of the 24 islands of the complex only four of them are inhabited, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. These islands are famous for its natural beauty and the green forests that cover.

Ionian Islands

In the Ionian Sea, located in western Greece, close to Italy, there is another set of islands with its own characteristics. In greek, this group of islands, is also known by the name of Eptanisa, ie the seven islands, because, as you can imagine, consists of 7 main islands. With the exception of Paxoi islands, the Ionian islands are much larger than those found in the Aegean Sea. These islands were under Venetian rule for centuries, so it can be seen up to now the influence of Italian architecture and culture. Characteristic of the Ionian Islands is their natural beauty. In contrast with the Cycladic islands, which are harsh and barren, the Ionian islands are covered by lush vegetagione ending with golden beaches and turquoise waters. Porto Katsiki beach of Lefkada and Zakynthos in the Bay Navagio are some of the most photographed beaches in Greece.

N-E Aegean Islands

The rest of the islands of the Aegean Sea that does not belong to a typical complex of the above derive their name from the position in the Aegean Sea. Do not have much in common with the small islands of the Cyclades, or resemble the Dodecanese. Each of these islands is unique: Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Ikaria are all large islands of great natural beauty, rich history and strong traditions.


Crete is an island located south of the Aegean Sea. Being the largest island of Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean can not be classified in any of the previous groups of islands, but is considered on its own. Its four largest cities are Agios Nikolaos, Rethymno, Chania and Heraklion, which is also the capital of Crete. Evia can also be mounted on any island complex. Given its close proximity to mainland Greece, many forget that it is still an island (the second largest in Greece), though the easy access to Evia is allowed from the mainland by a long modern bridge.

Cyclades Islands
Island of Crete
Sporades Islands
Ionian Islands

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