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La Perla Villas Santorini - Oia
La Perla Villas SantoriniLa Perla Villas Santorini La Perla Villas is a cluster of cave houses in the heart of the Caldera, in Oia, offering panoramic views of the seas and the Oia coastline. Rooms are built and decorated in the simple, traditional style of the island. Some rooms include seating areas and fully equipped kitchens. There is an outdoor swimming pool with a terrace that opens to sea views. La Perla Villas is within a walking distance from shops and restaurants of the area ... more
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Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel De Luxe Mykonos - Angelika
Tharroe of MykonosTharroe of Mykonos Tharroe of Mykonos is located on the top of a small hill, overlooking Mykonos Town and the Aegean. It boasts sophisticated accommodation, stunning sea and sunset views and gourmet dining. The deluxe hotel Tharroe Of Mykonos features individually designed rooms and suites with carefully chosen fabrics, furniture and art crafts and island or sea views. Pool and beach towels are complimentary ... more
RATES IN DOUBLE ROOM starting at 104Ἴ Euros BOOK NOW
Ikaros Beach, Luxury Resort & Spa Crete - Malia
Ikaros Beach HotelIkaros Beach Hotel Commanding an enviable location in Malia, the Ikaros Beach Luxury Resort & Spa offers a private sandy beach, 7 swimming pools and delicate dishes of Greek and International cuisines. The Ikaros Beach rooms are stone-built and offer views to the sea or the gardens. The spacious rooms are modern, with stylish furnishings. Deluxe bungalows and suites offer private pools. The branded spa offers a range of luxury treatments from expert therapists ... more
Chora Resort, Hotel & Spa Folegandros - Chora
Tharroe of MykonosChora Resort Escape to this idyllic resort on the small island of Folegandros, in the southern part of the Cyclades. Rooms have air conditioning, a hairdryer, separate bathrooms and a satellite TV. Keep fit in the fitness centre, enjoy a massage at the spa and wellness centre, or play a game of billiards. The outdoor swimming pool is the best spot to pass lazy days in the sun while taking in stunning views of the area. Gaze over the Aegean Sea from this quiet and relaxed hotel ... more
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