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brings you on some of the most famous and fascinating islands in Greece.
The trip starts in Santorini, the true pearl of the Aegean Sea with the largest still active Caldera in the world, a brief stop on the nearby Folegandros island, where nature is the undisputed mistress, to continue the journey to Mykonos, the most fashionable, partying and transgressive island of the Cyclades.
Going further, you'll arrive on the shores of the Dodecanese island of Kos, the ancient island that gave birth to the famous physician Hippocrates of Kos.
For those who, however, want to stay close to italian shores and visit the green Ionian islands, we take you to Kefalonia, with extraordinary landscapes, white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea!

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Santorini - Island of Southern Cyclades
SantoriniSantorini The famous island of Santorini, in the south of the Cyclades, is without doubt one of the most fascinating places in the Aegean, characterized by traditional houses carved into the rock that fit perfectly together along the steep slopes of the oldest, largest and still active Caldera in the world. A fascinating theory compares the myth of Atlantis to the Minoan civilization that flourished in Santorini and that 3500 years ago was hit by a catastrophic volcanic eruption that led to the present half moon shape of the island.
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Mykonos - Island of Northern Cyclades
MykonosMykonos Mykonos is the most elegant, fashionable and sophisticated island of the Cyclades, attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world. A famous island in the '50s as a destination for writers and intellectuals, Mykonos is nowadays known as the island of transgression, gay people and vibrant nightlife, trendy clubs and discos. It also offers numerous golden beaches with clear blue sea, frequented by nudists.
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Kos - Island of Central Dodecanese
KosKos Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese, by extension, but not second to any other for its popularity, attractions and historic remains of high cultural value: a crossroads of civilizations that has left a legacy of many magnificent monuments, such as the Asklepion of Hippocrates, the ancient Music Theatre, the ancient Agora, the Muslim temples and the Italian buildings from the unique architectural style. In addition, the lively nightlife in the clubs on bar-street in Kos town and the breath taking sandy beaches with crystal clear sea complete the picture of this beautiful island of the Dodecanese.
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Kefalonia - Island of the Ionian Sea
KefaloniaKefalonia Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, unlike the others, offers scenic treasures both inland and on the peninsulas with its long coastline. Above all, it boasts beautiful beaches of golden sand and pebbles, crystal clear sea and a wide variety of picturesque villages, lush landscapes rich in caves, geological phenomena and unique marine species like the sea turtle "caretta-caretta" and the monk seal.
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Folegandros - Island of Southern Cyclades
FolegandrosFolegandros The island of Folegandros is a small secluded island of the Cyclades about one hour from Santorini by hydrofoil and it offers a beautiful barren landscape with many beaches and coves small and uncrowded, crystal clear sea and charming traditional villages with traditional fish taverns. Undoubtedly it is suitable for those who wish to spend a relaxing holiday by the sea, close to nature and with the most authentic traditional Greek life.
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